Joomlatools is an internationally recognized, agile, expert group of consultants specializing in High-quality Consulting, Development and Social Media Solutions for the open source web content management system Joomla!. They have an expert team of web application architects to help you with your toughest challenges, your most difficult projects — or when you simply need robust solutions with security, scalability, internationalization and all the other parts that make up a successful system done Right!

The Joomlatools' crew members are:

Joomlatools has extensive experience in integrating and extending Joomla! with advanced technology solutions. They offer consultancy, development and integration services or help you find answers for any other Joomla!-related questions you might have.

joomla CMSEclipse IDE

They also develop and maintain a number of high quality extensions for Joomla!. Amongst them DOCman, an open source document management and download system for Joomla! v1.0 and v1.5 and SITEman, a Java desktop application to manage your Joomla! 1.5 sites.

They value the open source philosphy and are active contributors or committers on several open source projects most importantly Joomla! and Eclipse.