Custom Templates


Custom template development tends to fall under one of three distinct categories: full custom template development; existing graphic design to template conversion or; customisation of an existing template.

Full custom template development

For when you need us to design and build your custom template.

You may be building a brand new website and need a professionally built, well designed and web standards compliant template. Or you may already have a website which you're updating and need a fresh look. Either way we have the skills and experience to complete the job on time and within budget. We always ensure, within the constraints of the chosen Open Source application, that our website templates comply with W3 XHTML and CSS guidelines and that they adhere to 508 web accessibility guidelines.

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Existing graphic design to template conversion

For when you already have a design in mind and just need it converted to a template for the Open Source application you're using.

You may have designed the layout of your new website yourself or you may have a design developed by a graphic designer. You may have bought an HTML template from one of the many template clubs on the web or you might lack the experience and time to convert a template for your chosen Open Source application. If any of these apply to you then you probably need to hire the professionals.

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Customisation of an existing template.

For when you already have a template for your website but need it customised to fit your brand.

You already have a template for your Open Source application, either custom built in the past or off the shelf from us or from another template provider but you need to customise it to fit in with your existing brand and you don't know where to start. Simply contact us and let us complete your customisations to your specification. We have experience with most of the popular Joomla template clubs' products. Regardless of where you bought the template, we're confident that we can help.

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