Got Joomla? Got Photos & Images?

Want an easy way to present photo & image galleries?

Get our latest Joomla 1.5 & Joomla 2.5 Gallery Modules

We're very excited to announce the immediate release of our latest Flickr module & our brand new Gallery module for Joomla, providing an elegant and fresh way to present photograph and image galleries on your website.

Nowadays more and more of us have a need to display image galleries on our Joomla powered websites.

At Bulletproof we have a couple of solutions with which you can present your photo and image galleries in an elegant, easy to use and modern format.

We've updated our popular Flickr module, which helps you display your Flickr photosets, galleries or photostreams on your Joomla powered website and, we're excited to introduce our new Gallery module, for those times when you want to use your Joomla filesystem to host your photos and images.

Whether you choose to buy modFlickr or modGallery, by setting a few simple options, you can be up and running in minutes.

Although there are subtle differences between modFlickr and modGallery both modules come with a choice of four layouts; Basic, Mootools Slimbox / Mediabox Advanced, JQuery Galleryview, or, JQuery Galleriffic.

Lots of options, straight out of the box!

modFlickr & modGallery come with plenty of in-built options to help you quickly and easily set up your photo galleries, including:

  • 3 preset thumbnail sizes
  • Show thumbnails only
  • Show larger images only
  • Slideshows
  • Photo navigation
  • Auto photo titles
  • & many more (for those of you that like to tweak) …

Get modFlickr or modGallery today for just £19.99