How to install WAMP 2.0


Joomla 1.5 is designed to run on an Apache web server (Unix-based). Since Windows PCs do not run Apache (but IIS), it is necessary to download and install WAMP 2.0 (WampServer 2.0) which provides the platform for imitating the Apache web server locally on a Windows PC.

Once you have downloaded the latest version of WAMP 2.0, follows these steps to install it to your local PC:

  1. Locate the downloaded set up file and double-click on it. You will be faced with an alert window warning you not to upgrade from WAMP5 1.x. Click on Yes to continue

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - Alert Screen Image
  2. The Welcome setup window will load. Click on Next to proceed

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - Welcome Screen Image
  3. On the License Agreement screen select the radio button for I accept the agreement then click on Next

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - License Screen Image
  4. The Select Destination Location screen will load. Change the default location if you desire then click on Next

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - Destination Screen Image
  5. Now the Select Additional Tasks screen is loaded. Select the checkboxes for any icons you want installing then click on Next

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - Additional Tasks Screen Image
  6. You will be faced with the Ready to Install screen. Review the settings and use the Back button to go back and change any of the settings. If the settings are correct, click on Install to install WAMP 2.0

    WAMP 2.0 Installing - Review Settings Screen Image
  7. If you have Mozilla Firefox installed on your PC, you may be faced with the following window that prompts whether you want FireFox to be your default browser, so select the appropriate choice

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - Firefox Screen Image
  8. The PHP mail parameters screen will load. Review the default settings and change accordingly then click on Next. The default values can generally be used when installing WAMP 2.o to a local PC

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - PHP Mail Screen Image
  9. The final screen to load is the installation completed screen. Click on Finish to close the window and start WAMP

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - Completion Screen Image
  10. WAMP 2.0 is started. The WampServer icon is loaded onto the system tray

    Installing WAMP 2.0 - System Tray Icon Image